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Flame Retaradant

No Bad Odour

No Bad Odour

No Heat

Non Toxic


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Fibbo mattress Indo-Japanese Technology

Fibbo mattresses are manufactured by M/s.Slivertex Engineers Private Limited, Coimbatore, South India. Fibbo is purely of high performance polyester fibre bonded product. For high performance polyester fibre, TEIJIN – JAPAN supplies the fibre and Slivertex Engineers Pvt. Ltd develop the fibrous cushion material in India.

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The fibbo product material with special fibrous cushion material helps air flow inside the mattress, keeps the temperature the same as the body and places in a perfect state while you sleep.The fibbo fibrous cushion material makes the natural curve of the body and can provide support to the whole body. It doesn’t concentrate the pressure on a certain part of the body. When you get out of the bed, the mattress will recover to its original form with appropriate speed.

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Fibbo Largest Manufactured Mattresses in South India

Cushion materials are used for a variety of products such as beddings, sofas and vehicle seats. Foamed polyurathene is often used because of its highly cushioning properties, durability and ease to mold. On the other hand it is not air-permeable and its color yellows easily. Furthermore, it is not friendly to the environment, because it is unrecyclable and in many cases, discarded after use. A material called “Hard Cotton” is another major general polyester cushion material, but it is less durable and actual use is hampered by many restrictions.

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